Born (Korey Green) he took on the name (ROYAL) because he believes there are great people in the ghettos of America born with less but have hearts of gold and are Kings & Queens in there own right.

At 13 years old (ROYAL) began 2 rap after hearing Sacramento Ca rap artist (C-BO) rap vivid depictions of street life over mob beats produced by (Mike Mosley)

Coming from Pittsburg Ca (Royal) saw drugs tare his family apart & community.
He would grow 2 do the same and began 2 deal drugs at 15 years old.

His mother a recovered drug addict found strength 2 get clean through faith in (GOD) she began to teach (ROYAL) about faith & a greater purpose 4 his life in hopes that he would find the strength to rise above the streets just as she did all those years ago.

Now understanding the power of words (ROYAL) chooses his wisely.
Knowning the impact his music can make he tells listeners who he truly is also why & how we are all... (ROYAL)



P.Chase begins his rap career at the age of eleven. Because of his consistent way of chasing his dream of being successful, he named himself P.Chase which stand for Paper Chase. 

P.Chase moved from Liberia during the civil war to America for a better life. Hauling from the tough streets of California, many obstacles motivated him to rap about life experiences in his music. He grew up listening to Too short, 2Pac, E-40, Snoop and many of the west coast rap artists. Through years of maturing, he developed a massive flow. 

P.Chase started writing and producing his own material and attended Los Medanos community College majored in Recording Arts. While producing local artists, he created a group called "Da Plugs" which includes talented individuals.  ‚Äč

He shines as a true emerging rap talent, catapulting his solo career. P.Chase spend most of his time in the studio, because he feels that there is always a room for improvement